A low-budget documentary about late writer/director John Hughes is set to hit theatres across the globe.
Don't You Forget About Me tells the story of Hughes' life and was completed before the beloved filmmaker died from a heart attack, aged 59.
Alliance Films of Montreal signed a deal to release the project shortly after his death made headlines on Thursday (06Aug09), reports trade magazine Variety.
Several stars from Hughes' hit movies took part in director Matt Austin-Sadowski's film, including The Breakfast Club stars Ally Sheedy and Judd Nelson, Weird Science's Kelly LeBrock and Pretty In Pink actor Andrew MCCarthy.
Austin-Sadowski cites Hughes as one of his greatest influences, and hopes the documentary will inspire a renewed interest in his work.
He says, "He inspired me as a person, going through an awkward adolescence, as many people do. He took affairs of the heart very seriously, and no other director gave teenagers that sort of treatment at that time."