Former ROSEANNE star John Goodman hit the open road in America this summer (04) so he could pick up his TV career in Hollywood with a trip from New Orleans, Louisiana.

The chubby star landed the lead role in new sitcom CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE and decided to take a vacation to drive to the set with a pal.

He says, "I had to take the automobile from New Orleans to California and I took a road trip. I took my friend JOHNNY MILLER, who's a 20-year vet of New Orleans police force, a homicide detective.

"From some shootings, he's a little duff, and I don't hear so well from bar life, so we had some great conversations: 'Look at them cows.' 'What?'"

Goodman made the trip a high-energy affair by guzzling high-caffeine drink, Red Bull as he drove.

He adds, "I like to drink the Red Bull and I don't notice the change that comes over me when I'm in the car drinking it, but when I get out of the car, they usually ask me, 'Is something wrong, mister?'"

Goodman and his pal passed the time listening to an audiobook of JRR TOLKIEN's The Hobbit.

29/09/2004 21:16