A representative for John Galliano has denied the disgraced designer donned Hasidic clothing during his appearance at New York Fashion Week on Tuesday (12Feb13), insisting the outfit reflected his usual eclectic sense of style.

The style guru fell from grace in 2011 over his anti-Semitic rant in Paris, France. The scandal cost him his job at Christian Dior and his position at his own fashion house.

He has made a comeback by working for Oscar de la Renta on a temporary contract ahead of his show at the Big Apple's annual fashion week, but caused outrage among the leaders of New York's Jewish community by stepping out seemingly dressed as a Hasid, with a hat, long jacket and his hair in curly 'peyos' sidelocks.

However, the star's spokesperson insists Galliano simply wore designer clothing and has made a concerted effort to make amends with the Jewish community over the last few years.

Publicist Liz Rosenberg tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, "Mr Galliano has worn big hats and has had long curly hair for many years. He was in designer attire from head-to-toe including a Stephen Jones hat and Yohji Yamamoto pants.

"(He) continues to be committed to making amends and seeking forgiveness from the Jewish community for his insensitive remarks two years ago.

"(Galliano) continues to make a sincere and heartfelt effort to understand his actions and demonstrate his contrition."