The troubled star, who was fired by bosses at fashion house Christian Dior for hurling insults at a couple in a bar in Paris, France in 2011, has won praise from London-based holy man Rabbi Barry Marcus, who commended Galliano for admitting his mistakes and attempting to atone.

Marcus tells Britain's The Independent newspaper, "This is a man of courage. John has owned up. He didn't try in any way to justify what he had done. He was big enough to say, 'I have made a mistake. What I did was wrong.' I wish it was more the norm... No question about it. We could learn from John...

"We met when no one was around. Nobody knew what was happening, except my secretary, who almost fell on her backside when she spotted him walking in once."

The rabbi goes on to reveal he has been educating Galliano about the Holocaust and even introduced him to a friend who survived the Nazi death camps.

He adds, "I gave him a lot of reading, including books by (Auschwitz survivor) Primo Levi. I had him in the office with a Holocaust survivor for a full day, which he found very moving."