Hedi Slimane would consider a return to fashion design but has no plans to take over from disgraced John Galliano at Christian Dior.

The former Dior Homme designer - who worked for the company for seven years before leaving to pursue a career in photography and sculpture - revealed while he misses creating clothes, he doesn't miss the hard work that goes along with it.

He said: "I really love to design but when it's a big luxury house there is so much things around the design. Like the global branding, like the window displays. Oh, it's so much. You just have to be happy doing it. If you're not, you're really miserable. And I have no intention to be miserable. I miss the fabrics and I miss the atelier. But if I really miss it that much, I would have started again already."

However Hedi - who claims he hates change - admitted he is inspired by music and often creates entire catwalk show concepts in his head.

He told The Guardian newspaper: "I listen to a track and I have the whole show after one song. I think about the characters, the allure, the walk, the proportion, The Hair - it just makes sense from one song.

"I'm always suspicious of people who change too many times. I've always been very repetitive. Which was a problem, because with seasons people always want, 'OK, what's new?' But the truth is, nothing is new."