Rocker John Frusciante has launched his new solo album in style - by blasting it into space on a satellite.

The former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist had Enclosure loaded onto the Sat-Jf14, which was then sent into space aboard the Interorbital Systems' Neptune Modular Rocket from a remote desert in California on Saturday (29Mar14).

The special launch allows fans to stream the tracks directly from the satellite by downloading a free mobile application, which will track the location of the aircraft in real time. When the Sat-Jf14 hovers over the users' geographic region, the tracks will be unlocked for listening.

The stream will be available until 7 April (14), when the satellite will cease transmission on the eve of the album's release.

Randa Milliron, Interorbital Systems co-founder and Ceo, says, "This partnership... represents a new chapter in our quest to further explore the cosmic relationship between science and art.

"Enclosure is a musical masterpiece and we're thrilled to be able to utilize our proprietary space technology to facilitate this unprecedented form of space-enhanced distribution."