U.S. punk icon John Doe's guitarist sidekick has been forced to put touring plans on hold after doctors diagnosed him with Type-1 diabetes. Arizona rocker Nick Luca was nearing the end of a summer tour as a member of X star Doe's band when he was taken to a hospital emergency room near his home in Tucson, suffering from multiple physical problems. A spokesman for the guitarist says, "A simple blood test confirmed that his glucose levels were more than four times higher that normal and he was very close to slipping into a diabetic coma. "He spent four days in the Intensive Care Unit before he was discharged. Aside from having to give himself multiple shots of insulin daily, he is on the road to recovery." John Doe says, "Nick started to complain about the schedule and constant need for sleep. This was unlike him but little did we know he was in the throes of a diabetic meltdown. We are all ecstatic to hear that Nick is now stabilized."