John Cusack admits his latest film has a "stupid title".

The US actor said 'Hot Tub Time Machine' - about a group of friends who travel back in a time machine to relive a particular weekend in 1986 - may have a mouthful of a title, but people who will be surprised by how "smart, post-modern and very dumb" it is.

John said: "You have a title like 'Hot Tub Time Machine', that's a stupid title. Maybe people are going to think the people who made it have lost their mind completely. When they go in and see it, they're going to be so pleasantly surprised. I thought this would be very smart, post-modern and very dumb."

The actor also reckons the comedy's 80s styling will be a hit because people have fond memories of that period in US cinema.

He said: "But they still have a fondness for the John Hughes movies, they still have a fondness for the movies I did with director Steve Holland. People really liked 'Better Off Dead' - they come up to me all the time and say, 'I love that movie.' "

'Hot Tub Time Machine' was released in the US last week.