Quirky Hollywood actor John Cusack has defended his controversial movie MAX, about a Jewish art dealer who befriends a young Adolf Hitler.

The GROSSE POINT BLANK star faced a backlash for making the fictional movie, with many pressure groups calling for it to be banned before it had even been seen.

But John counters, "It is a disturbing film. The paradox is we see Hitler as human with certain desires, and to see him in that light makes us uncomfortable. It troubles me, too. But that discomfort was the message of the piece.

"It's simply not helpful to view evil in a one-dimensional way. Maybe that's the moral thing to do. It doesn't mean we excuse evil or sympathise with it.

"The JEWISH DEFENSE LEAGUE came out and said, 'We are going to stop this movie, this movie is an atrocity', and of course, they hadn't seen a single frame of it. That speaks volumes as to their state of mind."

06/06/2003 19:20