Hollywood actor John Cusack wasn't scared by a small hurricane - in fact he rode to the centre of the storm.

The HIGH FIDELITY star was working in America's southern states when a storm started to brew - with winds of 90 miles per hour but that didn't deter him from riding into the thick of it.

He says, "I was in Louisiana making a film and there were a couple of hurricanes that hit that year. They were boarding up the windows, but me and a friend decided we'd go out on a bike to try to go to the Mississippi and see what it was like by the river.

"I've always sort of like big weather. I've always liked thunderstorms. I've never had any fear of natural disasters or hurricanes. I'm not afraid I'm gonna hit by lightening - nothing. I've always left town and then there's been an earthquake. It just doesn't happen to me."

29/04/2003 09:38