John Cusack was determined to star in Being John Malkovich as soon as he read the script - despite having to wait five years to eventually play CRAIG SCHWARTZ.

The IDENTITY star discovered the CHARLIE KAUFMAN script in 1994 and was instantly enthralled with it.

John explains, "I thought it was the greatest script I'd ever read. I said, 'Track this, if this gets produced, I want to be the first guy in the door to meet whoever's doing it.'

"I was thrilled about the character, dying to do it."

And Cusack was always determined not to be typecast in traditional A-list fare, by requesting unusual films from his agents.

John says, "I'd go to the agencies and say, 'I know about the studio's stuff, but what's the weirdest and I mean wildest, craziest, unproduceable stuff you've got.'"

14/01/2004 17:14