John Cusack is unconcerned about the critical and commercial failure of his last film MAX - because he thinks his pet project will be proved right in the end.

The controversial drama, which stars Cusack as a young Jewish art dealer who befriends a young Adolf Hitler, failed to make back one of the eleven million dollars spent on it after receiving a hostile reaction in his native America when it was released late last year (DEC03).

However, Cusack, who is currently promoting the European release of Max, believes the movie's reputation will improve as the years go by.

He reasons, "It was iced in the States. I mean, even the reviewers didn't know how to deal with it. They'd go, 'Well here's what the Anti-Defamation League said about it, and this is what the plot is, and it's a very intense, controversial film. Now lets go review Chicago.'

"They didn't want to deal with it, which is too bad, but I think it'll live on and that time will be good to it."

09/06/2003 20:54