Hollywood star John Cusack has launched a scathing attack on fellow actors who appear on TV to discuss their personal lives - labelling the idea "insane".

The critically acclaimed actor - who's controversial latest film MAX sees his character befriending infamous German dictator ADOLF HITLER - believes movie stars' private lives should remain an enigma to the public.

He says, "The people who get involved in celebrity culture - such as going on about your marriage on talk shows - I just think that stuff seems insane.

"It's people who are exploiting their personal life for public gain. It just doesn't make sense to me. And it's detrimental to you as an actor.

"Why would anyone even want to go and see their film when you can turn on the TV and watch them spill their guts about everything they ever did all the time anyway? Or talking about their relationships in magazines."

13/06/2003 14:03