John Cusack is fed up with communicating with his friends via the internet - because he is a failure when it comes to technology.
The High Fidelity star forces his pals to meet up with him in person because he hates depending on the web and cell phones to be able to speak to his loved ones.
And he's such a technophobe he once thought his computer was broken - only to realise he hadn't turned the machine on.
He says, "Sometimes I have to tell my friends we have to get together for coffee or something because I'm tired of just talking in email and texts. I want to make sure it's really you... I'll email a screenplay and then call my assistant the next day and say, 'I think my computer is down. Everything is black. Can you have someone please fix it?' The tech guy will come over, turn the machine on and say, 'That was the problem - it wasn't on'."