John Cusack offered beloved U.S. TV host James Lipton a role in his latest movie, during his recent appearance on chat show INSIDE THE ACTOR'S STUDIO. The pair was joking about Actor's Studio Dean Lipton's cameo appearance in Cusack's forthcoming animated movie Igor, when the actor offered the stage and screen veteran a follow-up, based on a script he had written with author Mark Leyner. Cusack said, "I actually have another offer for you. The guy I wrote War, Inc. with also wrote another script called Et Tu Babe, based on his novel of the same name. "In it there's a long discussion about anti-Semitism between you and a kikaju, which is a South American ferret. "We need you to play you, otherwise we'll get someone to look like you." As the studio audience cheered, Lipton replied, "You've got a deal. I'm starring in two John Cusack films."