Politically-minded movie star John Cusack has taken aim at U.S. President GEORGE W. Bush and the man with his sights on his White House office in a fiery new online ad.
The High Fidelity star suggests presidential hopeful John MCCain will be no better than Bush if Americans elect him their next leader in the November (08) elections.
Cusack poses a "pop quiz" for viewers asking them about their knowledge of Bush and MCCain.
He asks which one "supports keeping our troops in harms way in Iraq, but not a bipartisan bill of rights to support them when they return home?" and which of the two Republicans "opposed healthcare for uninsured children last year?"
The actor concludes his fast-paced rant by stating, "The answer is... both," before urging viewers to go to MoveOn.org and "Take the Bush/MCCain challenge. I bet you can't tell them apart."