Hollywood star John Cusack has attacked fellow filmmaker Michael Moore for failing to support the DEMOCRATIC party in the last American presidential elections.

Moore, who won the Best Documentary OSCAR at this year's (03) ACADEMY AWARDS for his anti-gun film Bowling For Columbine, threw his backing behind left-wing candidate RALPH NADER in the 2000 elections - but Cusack believes that he should have joined him in tactical support of Democratic candidate Al Gore instead - to ensure REPUBLICAN GEORGE W BUSH was beaten.

Cusack explains, "He lost a lot of credibility when he went and campaigned for Ralph Nader because he was dead wrong when it counted.

"I'm not a huge fan of the Democratic party, but I knew there was a huge difference between then and the Bush crowd. Don't tell me Al Gore would have handed out the contract to rebuild Iraq before he'd given the order to bomb it."

09/06/2003 17:29