Movie star John Cusack is amazed by the trend of airbrushing stars on the covers of magazines - because they look nothing like they do in real life.

The HIGH FIDELITY star insists the enhancement only serves to further the myths that celebrities are superbeings - and he fears this leads to many of them "cracking up" when their looks start to slip.

He says, "I've dated some very beautiful women. When I saw their pictures in the magazines, I remember thinking, 'God, I want to be the guy who gets to sleep with her,' and I was the guy sleeping with the girl.

"It's not that they aren't gorgeous, but they're not airbrushed in real life. They look like, well, like people. They have irregularities in their skin.

"It's why all these celebrities who've got the Rolls-Royces and the mansions crack up when the illusion is exhausted. There's nothing there.

"The intention of the photographs is to create this unreachable icon. Being human is, by definition, a fall from grace."

28/10/2003 02:19