John Cusack has defied his public quiet-man image by taking up action-man hobbies like helicopter snowboarding and kickboxing.

The HIGH FIDELITY star loves to take to the slopes to snowboard down remote glaciers with the help of helicopters.

He says, "I do it every once in a while. I go up to Canada and they take you to the top of a glacier and just drop you off and you snowboard down.

"You have to wear an avalanche beeper in case you get buried in the show. It is dangerous, but it's more dangerous on a resort if you run into people or poles or trees."

And when Cusack isn't above the piste, he's kickboxing with former champ BENNY 'THE JET' URQUIDEZ after befriending him on the set of GROSSE POINTE BLANK.

Cusack adds, "I don't want to do it professionally. I do it to stay in shape. Benny's a really good trainer."

29/04/2003 13:12