My Big Fat Greek Wedding star John Corbett is reeling after learning he has been cut from the Parenthood series finale.

The actor, who has had a recurring role as Seth Holt, the rocker ex-husband of regular Lauren Graham's character Sarah Braverman, will no longer appear in the finale when it airs in America on 29 January (15).

Speaking to Tv Guide magazine at the Television Critics Association on Sunday (18Jan15), Corbett said, "It's killing me. I worked hard on it. I love those people. It was a really emotional scene.

"I don't get asked to do that very often. I saw my (Tv) grandchild for the first time. It was a very short scene. It was only maybe a page and a half of dialogue but you got to see my character, and I felt like I was a part of the show.

"(Show creator) Jason Katims called me... It was really nice of him to call me himself and tell me that it was cut. He said actually about 10 of his favourite scenes had to go because of time."