Hollywood actor John Corbett was left in awe of teen actress Selena Gomez's star power after a mob of female fans snubbed him to meet the Disney star.
The Sex & The City actor was rushed by a frenzy of girls in his hotel lobby in Vancouver, Canada, where the pair was shooting new comedy Ramona and Beezus.
But Corbett had a rude awakening when the admirers ran past him to his co-star Gomez, who was standing nearby.
He says, "I had no idea!
"These girls were hanging out and one day I came out and they all started to go nuts in the lobby. I was in the lobby and I thought, how sweet, they all must be My Big Fat Greek Wedding fans - and they pushed the old man out of the way! Selena was right behind me. I had no idea she was such a big Disney star."