Hunky SEX + THE CITY star John Corbett has refused to re-edit his swearing on the racy show for re-runs on primetime TV in America because he doesn't think the series should be altered.

Like many people, Corbett was puzzled when bosses at TBS in America snapped up the rights to air the whole Sex + The City reruns - because the network is known for its censorship.

TBS bosses have already started working around the clock to edit Sex scenes that they fear will lead to complaints from their audiences and they've dubbed over many expletives, but Corbett, who played Sarah Jessica Parker's love interest on the show refused to help them.

He says, "It's very bizarre. I don't get it and I don't

know how it's gonna work. So much of that show is R rated. I said the F-word a few times on the show and they wanted me to come in and put in some 'freaks and fricks,' or whatever else. I said no.

"I think some of the people at TBS got mad that I wouldn't

come in, but I always like to watch those movies where there's tough talk.

"I like Robert DeNiro movies, where he says, 'I wanna tear your f**kin' head off!' It's so obvious and awful when they bring in a guy to sound like him and say, 'I'm gonna tear your frickin' head off!'

"I told TBS, 'Get somebody to try and sound like me and change those things.' So that's what they had to do. I'm gonna laugh when I hear it."

06/05/2004 20:57