John Cleese's girlfriend gives him an "immediate being-in-love thing", which his last two wives didn't inspire in him.

The three-times married 'Monty Python' star is happier than ever in his romance with 39-year-old jeweller Jennifer Wade, admitting she makes him feel the way his first spouse, Connie Booth did, unlike his unions with Barbara Trentham and Alyce Faye Eichelberger who were just "ticking boxes".

The 70-year-old star told the Sunday Times newspaper: "In the past I was more ticking boxes, not having an immediate being-in-love thing, which I did have with Connie.

"I laugh with Jenny in a way I haven't since I was 10. It's the utterly hopeless laughter of the 10-year-old and it's wonderful to have that back."

John - who was married to his 'FAWLTY TOWERS' co-star Connie for 10 years from 1968 - remains "great friends" with his first wife, and though he knows their separation was the right thing to do, he took a long time to get over their split.

He explained: "I think we found it difficult. Neither of us was emotionally mature. There was a great deal of love between us. Breaking up was very painful.

"I was depressed about it for two years but I think it was the right decision. It didn't quite work."

While John is happy with his girlfriend of a year, he admits he made bad choices when he married Barbara and Alyce and thinks his relationship with Jennifer has a better chance of succeeding because she is so different to his previous partners.

He explained: "I don't think I improved my choosing process when I met Barbara. And when I met Alyce I thought it seemed appropriate. But Alyce changed and I'm sure she feels I changed too. Jenny is different from both of these women.

"With Barbara we had a fairly turbulent relationship because we married rather quickly and the turbulence followed."

John has done little to hide his bitterness toward Alyce since they split after 15 years in 2008, and after a long legal battle she was awarded more than half his estimated Fortune, when a judge granted her assets worth £8million as well as £600,000 a year for seven years.