John Cleese's comedy classic FAWLTY TOWERS has proved the most popular show with users of a new online archive of British films and TV programmes.

The BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE made their store of 50,000 films, 100,000 documentaries and 200,000 TV shows available to watch over the internet last month (NOV03), and the sit-com - about a hotel run by Cleese's hapless BASIL FAWLTY character - has proved users' most popular choice.

Long-running sit-com Only Fools And Horses, starring British small screen legend David Jason, is the second most popular, in a top ten of shows dominated by nostalgia.

The top ten is as follows:

2. ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES (1981-1996)

3. BLAKE'S 7 (1978-1981)

4. THE YOUNG ONES (1982-1984)

5. CITIZEN SMITH (1977-1980)

6. DAD'S ARMY (1968-1977)

7. The Wicker Man (1973)

8. TISWAS (1974-1982)

9. BAGPUSS (1974)

10. THE GOOD LIFE (1975-1977) (CPT/WNTEX/TN)

10. THE GOOD LIFE (1975-1977)

03/12/2003 13:49