John Cena will be a ''snoopy'' father.

The 'Blockers' actor - who got engaged to fellow WWE Superstar Nikki Bella at 'Wrestlemania 33' last year - has admitted he will keep an eye on his children once they decide to settle down and raise a family.

Speaking to Us Weekly magazine, John - who plays a father trying to stop his teenage daughter from losing her virginity on prom night in new comedy movie 'Blockers' - said: ''I think I'll be snoopy. I will want to know what they're going through so I can be like, 'Hey, one time, this happened to me and this is how I messed it up. Don't let that happen.' ''

However, the action man - who has appeared to soften his stance on whether he wants kids in the future - explained he will try to offer advice to his children, even though he knows it might not got the way he wants it to.

John added: ''I'll also be protective because I can see the forest through the trees and be like, 'You're doing it wrong'. But that's so going to backfire.''

John - who is an ambassador for the Make-A-Wish Foundation - has previously insisted he has no desire to have kids of his own with fiancee Nikki Bella, but the couple have had a number of ''lengthy and difficult'' conversations about the subject after it came to the forefront while promoting his new movie, in which he plays the parent of a teenage girl.

Discussing his anti-child stance, he said: ''Well, that statement is not from her, it's from me and it's just me being a stubborn idiot. Believe it or not, over the course of filming and promoting this film, the topic has come up so much. I didn't want to address it or talk about it but now we've had some lengthy - and honestly quite difficult - conversations about it but I'm changing my tune.''