John Cena is to host the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards for the second year in a row.

The WWE superstar-turned-actor is returning to host the ceremony - famous for covering stars in green slime - on March 24 and he loves the ''crazy'' environment because its similar to that of a WWE show.

John told Entertainment Weekly: ''I love the Kids' Choice Awards, having been part of many of them before even hosting.

''The audience and the environment is very similar to a WWE audience, and the show is built for the kids.

''They're empowered to just let loose and go crazy. The show is just that: It's crazy with stuff you don't necessarily see at your typical awards show, and I just really love that environment.''

As part of an expanded partnership with Nickelodeon, the 40-year-old wrestler is also set to voice a villain in the new animated series 'Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' and produce a new game show called 'Keep It Spotless', where teams of children go head-to-head in various paint-filled challenges, in a bid to stay as clean as possible.

And John believes his experience as a wrestler means he knows what entertains kids.

He said: ''I've been performing for kids for a long time, and WWE is just a wonderful environment: I can't speak highly enough of it, because not only do you perform for the audience at home, but that fanatical audience is in the arena with you. You can see their faces every night and you can feel the effect that you have on them.

''We have everyone walking through our turnstiles, every age, every race, every religion - everyone. But there are a lot of kids, and you can directly see the honest effect you have on children.

''I guess it's because I'm so excited by that. I always say when I'm in the ring, it's the child's reaction that's honest and pure. If they don't like something, then that person is bad; if they do like something, then that person is good. It's really easy to mine, and it makes it exciting.''