John Cena broke down in tears when he was surprised by fans he'd inspired.

The professional wrestler - whose motto is ''never give up'' - was shooting an advertisement in which he was reading out letters from some of his supporters who were thanking him for helping them through life, but he was unaware the writers were backstage.

While filming the Cricket Wireless commercial, Cena read out one note from a boy named Tyler Schweer who had given his cancer-suffering mother a wristband he'd received ringside from the grappler and told her to ''never give up''.

Trying to fight back the tears as he read the note, Cena said: ''That's pretty cool. At a young age he has such great perspective. It's really cool to see man.''

Tyler then burst through a paper partition and the wrestler started getting even more emotional.

The youngster said: ''Thank you for everything you've done.''

Struggling to hold back the tears, Cena said: ''Stop, stop ... get over here.''

He then gave Tyler a warm embrace and said: ''Coolest surprise ever. You're extremely strong.''

Tyler's mother then appeared with Cena's wristband in a special box.

She said: ''This is what you gave him. He made sure that through my cancer journey he'd say, 'Mom, Cena says, ''Never give up.'' ' And now I'm cancer-free.''

Cena replied: ''That's great, that's really great.''

Several more of the star's fans who he had inspired then came out from backstage to thank him and tell him about their journey.

As if that wasn't enough, they had one more surprise left when the group presented him with a ''Life Changer'' trophy for ''saving their lives''.

He said: ''I don't know what to say. Just remember, you guys do the work. Don't think that you're the only one who's up against it, and don't think you're the only one who doesn't have challenges to face every day.

''You all lead by example, and I mean it when I say it, 'Never give up.' This is a championship squad right here.''