John Cena is leaving his fiancé Nikki Bella to plan their wedding.

The 40-year-old professional wrestler insists he isn't getting involved in the run up to their big day and is leaving it all to his wife-to-be because he wants the day to be ''very special for her''.

He told Entertainment Tonight: ''I think I will be told what I'm going to wear for my wedding. I can tell you what I'm wearing on my wedding night ... birthday suit!

''I think a lot of the details with the wedding [are up to her], going back to more serious, because I want the day to be very special for her. I just want everybody to have a fun time, but I want the day to be special for her, so the little details like that, if I'm told what to wear, I'll fit in just fine.''

Meanwhile, Nikki previously revealed she wants a ''long engagement'' and is thrilled with how the wedding planning is going.

She said: ''[Wedding planning is] going amazing. I've set a date, I found the dress, and now I have to do all the in between. Once I got engaged, I started to realise, like, 'Oh, I'll be married forever, so I want a long engagement. And I just want to enjoy being a fiancée. I want to enjoy the wedding planning process ... I know I'm not going to get cold feet, so I just really want to enjoy it.''

And Nikki isn't worried if things do go wrong on her big day because she is just happy to be marrying the ''man of her dreams''.

She added: ''I think so many brides will let the smallest things bother them, and it's like, 'Oh wow, you're marrying the man of your dreams, everyone's happy, having fun, just go with it.' Something will mess up. Just do what you want.''