The Attack The Block star was propelled to international fame after being handed a role in the seventh installment, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but he is determined to only date women who aren't just interested in his success.

John admits he tried taking a date out in New York City recently, but his plan to keep his career achievements under wraps went awry when they spotted a Star Wars billboard in Manhattan's Times Square.

"I tried to go on a date recently with a girl who knew nothing about me which was fantastic," he explains. "You want to go on a date fresh, like 'I want her to love me for who I am'... I picked her up in New York and we got to Times Square and she went, 'So what do you do?' and I pointed at this huge billboard and it ruined the whole situation. It is weird to see myself elevated. It is crazy for me to see that. I don't know how other actors get over that."

John, who plays Stormtrooper Finn in The Force Awakens, had to keep his role in the Star Wars film secret from his friends and family prior to its release, and he recently admitted his pals thought he was just an extra.

"I couldn't tell anyone: family, friends, I had to keep it a secret," John said. "This is what's so funny. They showed a lot of respect and attention, but I took them to the London premiere and after the premiere, they were just like, 'Yo, John! I never knew you were in the movie for so long. I thought you were an extra'... I'm like, 'All this time I was leaving Monday to Friday. What did you think I was doing?'"

The actor's role in the movie, which became a monster box office hit following its release in December (15), helped him earn a place on Forbes magazine's list of the most influential Europeans under the age of 30.

He joins singer Adele, Harry Potter's Emma Watson, and his Star Wars co-star Daisy Ridley on the prestigious countdown, which was announced earlier this month (Jan16).