The Brit became a household name last year (15) following the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the seventh film in the saga, and production on the next installment began in the U.K. this month.

John has now revealed he has been "taking meetings" about potential stage roles, but he is struggling to make a commitment to a project because his Star Wars filming dates are yet to be firmed up.

"Before Star Wars I was at the National Theatre and had meetings at the (theatre company) Donmar Warehouse to talk about potential projects and Trafalgar Studios as well," he tells the London Evening Standard newspaper. "That is where I feel at home. We're taking meetings now and looking to plot and plan a good story... Hopefully I can do something but we start filming the next Star Wars pretty soon, no-one has told me dates yet..."

The actor recently admitted his role in Star Wars is also affecting his love life, explaining, "I tried to go on a date recently with a girl who knew nothing about me which was fantastic. You want to go on a date fresh, like 'I want her to love me for who I am'... I picked her up in New York and we got to Times Square and she went, 'So what do you do?' and I pointed at this huge billboard and it ruined the whole situation. It is weird to see myself elevated. It is crazy for me to see that. I don't know how other actors get over that."

John's role as Stormtrooper Finn in The Force Awakens, which became a monster box office hit following its release in December (15), helped him earn a place on Forbes magazine's list of the most influential Europeans under the age of 30.

He joins singer Adele, Harry Potter's Emma Watson, and his Star Wars co-star Daisy Ridley on the prestigious countdown, which was announced earlier this month.