John Boyega thinks he's a ''big-time nerd''.

The 26-year-old actor - who is best known for playing Finn in the 'Star Wars' movies - has revealed that in spite of being one of the most sought-after performers in Hollywood, he has an obsession with anime figures.

He shared: ''I have Dragon Ball Z figures; I have Naruto figures. One Punch Man. I'm a nerd - I just do it right. Oh yeah, [I'm a] big time nerd.''

John stars as Jake Pentecost in the new Steven S. DeKnight-directed sci-fi film 'Pacific Rim Uprising', which is a sequel to the 2013 hit 'Pacific Rim', which was helmed by Guillermo del Toro.

The London-born actor has revealed he jumped at the chance to join the franchise when he was offered the role of Jake.

Speaking to, he shared: ''Fundamentally, I was one of the fans who was questioning whether a sequel was going to happen, and whether Guillermo del Toro would take the helm.

''When I heard Legendary had plans for it in the future, I was excited like everybody else.''

Meanwhile, John recently revealed he doesn't see himself as a celebrity.

The British star hasn't changed his lifestyle since becoming a worldwide star, and he's not always eager to pose for selfies with fans.

Reflecting on the impact of fame, John explained: ''I don't see myself as a celebrity.

''I walk on the street because I have always walked on the street. Sometimes somebody will ask for a selfie and it's not the right time.

''I have no problem being polite. But you're not always going to get the best response. Some people think: that's your job. That is understandable. But you know...''