John Boyega doesn't want to be a director just yet.

The 26-year-old actor - who shot to fame as Stormtrooper-turned-Resistance fighter Finn in the newest 'Star Wars' trilogy - set up his own production company, UpperRoom Entertainment, but although he is happy being a producer, he doesn't have any plans to helm his own movie.

Speaking to Sky News, Boyega said: ''I'm cool now, just steady on for me, directing is... I respect directors, I respect what they do.

''As a producer you have to rely on the creative vision of your director, but at the same time obviously you're there to help advise and help steer them in the right direction, but actually directing is so much more.

''Even as an actor, it's just so much more so I would have to be qualified for that, properly.''

Boyega both starred and produced the new sequel to the Guillermo Del Toro sci-fi movie 'Pacific Rim' and admitted he used his 'Star Wars' money to set up his production company.

He said: ''I always wanted to set up my company but I didn't because I didn't have the funds for it.

''So I waited until that 'Star Wars' cheque cleared and a debt was paid - various T-Mobile phone bills - I waited for that to be cleared until I reinvested in myself.''

But although the actor had the money, he spent some time learning the craft and used his experiences as a producer.

Boyega said: ''Before any real money gets in to a situation, [it's] best you know about it, but I'm still learning as I go along, knowing that there are different ways of doing things and communicating.

''Each producer has their different style, some are involved more than others, just learning how the different dynamics work for me has been the surprising thing.''

The actor also revealed that del Toro - who was unable to helm the sequel due to working on the Academy Award winning 'Shape of Water' - would still send notes early on.

He said: ''[Del Toro] was sending us notes early on, especially when we were homing in on the pre-visuals and the story.

''We needed him, because the first film gave us our basis for our story and so we had to refer back to him for him to give us guidance so that we didn't get anything wrong.

''If there was any kind of connective tissue to the first 'Pacific Rim' it had to be cleared by him because obviously that's his baby and we're expanding on his idea, so the communication was much appreciated, even though he was working on another movie, so it worked out well.''