John Boyega said the reality of fame hasn't ''sunk in yet''.

The 26-year-old actor shot to fame as Stormtrooper-turned-Resistance fighter Finn in the latest 'Star Wars' trilogy, but although being recognised for his role in the sci-fi franchise, Boyega still hasn't lost the ''magic'' of seeing his face on posters and in trailers.

While appearing on 'This Morning' on Friday (23.03.18), Boyega was shown a video of his reaction to seeing the 2015 'The Force Awakens' trailer for the first time, and he said he was just ''reacting on that simple thing''.

He said: ''That was the first time I saw myself in a high budget Hollywood movie. I was just reacting on that simple thing.

''I think it's easy for a lot of us who gain this kind of success to lose out of the happiness of the small details.

''It's the magic of it. I'm still shocked and surprised every time I see something like that or a movie poster.

''The reality of it hasn't really sunk in just yet.''

Boyega - who is now starring in 'Pacific Rim Uprising', which he also produced - revealed how his family will take a ''bit longer'' to come to terms with his fame.

He said: ''For my family it will be a bit longer, they weren't the ones planning or working towards this thing. But they are happy.''

The actor also revealed he bought his parents a house and despite having a room there, he still hasn't slept there yet.

He said: ''Yeah, that's what you do in Nigerian culture for the people that brought you into the world and nurtured you.

''I've got a room there but I haven't actually slept there yet. My mum keeps asking when I am coming to stay over.''