SOUL MAN singer SAM MOORE sought out treatment for his heroin addiction after hearing about pal John Belushi's drug-related death.

The SAM + DAVE star was among Belushi drug buddies in New York, and when the comedian died in 1982, Moore knew it was time to get clean.

So the brave singer opted to become "a guinea pig" for a new antidote.

He recalls, "The morning after John Belushi died, I signed up to become a guinea pig for Neltrexan and they wanted me to stay on it six months. I stayed on it six days.

"John's death made me rethink everything. I didn't need Neltrexan. I would see John a lot of times when we would go to Martha's Vineyard. He and I would leave and go turn it out and get into fights.

"We'd fight guys because someone may have said something to John and I'd be trying to pick somebody's pocket for drug money." Moore has been clean since 1982, but he reveals he recently had a flashback to his days of addiction: "The last time I had the sweats and was coughing and couldn't sleep burning up with fever it freaked me out. I was in New Jersey and I had bronchitis and I freaked because I haven't had that kind of feeling in years."

30/01/2004 18:55