A DREW BARRYMORE fan's filmed efforts to land a date with the actress are set to be made available to the public - a Hollywood agency is seeking a deal for the bizarre movie.

In 2002, New Jersey native BRIAN HERZLINGER - who became fixated with the CHARLIE'S ANGEL after he served as president of her fan club as a 10-year-old - put together MY DATE WITH DREW, a feature-length documentary about his efforts to woo Barrymore.

Herzlinger, 27, says, "I was concerned that I would be considered a stalker. But I think people have realised that this is a harmless quest."

The film, which was shot in 30 days on a $1,100 (GBP611) budget, sees Herzlinger attempt to get close to the actress by landing interviews with such associates as Charlie's Angels writer John August and the beauty's ex-boyfriend COREY FELDMAN.

And now CREATIVE ARTISTS AGENCY is helping Herzlinger clinch a distribution deal for the film.

But one detail which the curious public will have to watch to the film to find out is whether or not Herzlinger actually lands a date with the woman herself.

20/01/2004 09:49