Late punk legend Joey Ramone will have a New York street named after him.

The area, which is to be called JOEY RAMONE PLACE from 30 November (04), is located on the block housing the legendary CBGB club where his band THE Ramones made their name in the 1970s.

CBGB's owner HILLY KRISTAL says, "It's about time. The Ramones meant a lot to this city and to music.

"They were the original punk rock band. Their longevity supercedes anybody who sold more records, and the consistency and meaning of their name is greater than anybody in the punk rock field."

Ramone died in April 2002 following a long battle with cancer - while fellow band members DEE DEE died in 2002 and guitarist JOHNNY lost his fight with cancer yesterday (15SEP04).

Drummer TOMMY RAMONE is the sole surviving member of the band's original line-up.

16/09/2004 21:35