LATEST: Late punk rocker Joey Ramone's family are in legal battles with his former producer DANIEL REY over the legend's "lost album".

Joey recorded the demos of 16 songs with Rey - before his tragic death three years ago (01) - which the punk icon's brother MICKEY LEIGH wants $100,000 (GBP54,000) for because he claims they are "being held hostage", reports American gossip website PAGESIX.COM.

Leigh explains, "We've been trying to get Daniel to hand them back since Joey died. They don't belong to him."

Rey, who recorded and played all the instruments on the demos, says, "I only want some sort of settlement. It has nothing to do with money. I'm just concerned with protecting Joey's musical legacy. These should be released as an album of demos. This is stuff that me and Joey did together."

Leigh says the family would like to re-record the music backing Joey's vocals on the demos - one song, PARTY LINE, was intended to be a duet with BLONDIE star Debbie Harry.

14/07/2004 14:02