Rare interviews with late punk icons JOHNNY and Joey Ramone have been unearthed for a new RAMONES DVD. Frontman Joey discusses the band's violent songs on new film collection It's Alive 1974-1996, while guitarist Johnny poignantly admits he'll miss the group when it's all over. Asked if Ramones music fires up the group's fans and turns them into violent thugs, Joey says, "The music's violent but, like, it gets all of the violence out of the kids. After they see a show of ours they're ready to collapse. "They take it all out during the show, it doesn't make them go outside and kill people when they leave the show." And Johnny muses the end of the group: "It will be hard to stop doing this. I always knew that at some point it would come to an end but it would be difficult. I'll miss it... You have to be prepared and willing to accept that." The new DVD features classic concert footage from the group's mid-1970s beginnings at fabled New York club CBGB to shows in London and Los Angeles, and famous TV performances on programmes in Britain, America, Sweden and Italy. It's Alive also features rarely seen Ramones videos for The KKK Took My Baby Away and Somebody Put Something In My Drink and unseen interviews with Dee Dee and Tommy Ramone and band manager Danny Fields.