Former NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK star Joey McIntyre has refused to appear in a hit reality show - because he insists he still has a career.

The STEP BY STEP singer believes THE SURREAL LIFE - which puts a group of Stars in a Hollywood house and films their every move and featured his former bandmate Jordan Knight last year (04) - is better kept for celebrities whose careers have faded.

McIntyre, who is currently competing in the reality show DANCING WITH THE STARS, says of the Surreal Life, "Why would I want to be on that? I have a career!

"There's a big difference between me dancing on live television and being stuck in a house with five other people, doing nothing."

Mc Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Verne Troyer, Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen are among the numerous celebrities who have appeared on the show in past seasons.

24/06/2005 09:33