Former NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK singer Joey McIntyre was so doubtful about appearing on reality show Dancing With The Stars, he initially walked away after agreeing a deal.

McIntyre, who eventually lost to American actress Kelly Monaco on the competitive ballroom-dancing show, admits he was "freaked" out when he thought of taking part in the contest.

He says, "My first reaction was, 'What a great opportunity to learn all these dances and have your personal trainer,' and then I sort of agreed to it verbally. Then I freaked out.

"I said, 'Why would I wanna learn all these dances in front of millions of people and potentially lose a dance contest to Evander Holyfield?' I was like, 'I'm done,' and I thought it was a bad dream and I was joking to my wife about it.

"Then the producers from the BBC in Britain... charmed me back into the show. I'm glad they did because we had a blast. It was an amazing ride."

20/07/2005 02:12