Kramer's bandmates Steven Tyler and Joe Perry met the President onboard his aircraft Air Force One at an Orlando area airport on Friday (28Oct16) and shared pictures from the visit on social media.

However, the drummer moved to distance himself from what he considered to be "political banter" and tweeted his fans stating: "This is not representative of @Aerosmith !". Soon after the post on the band's official account was deleted.

In a series of tweets to his followers, Kramer explained he doesn't want to be involved in any political statements.

"Everyone has their right to their opinion it's called democracy & I support that... This is why I had a problem w the pic on @Aerosmith I don't want to be included in political banter," he wrote on the social networking site.

The picture of Tyler and Perry meeting Obama still remains on their personal Instagram pages.

When some users wrote to him explaining his stance makes it clear who he is supporting, he tweeted, "I'm not saying who I support! I don't support anyone speaking for me !"

Another praised him for speaking out to defend his beliefs and he replied, "Thanks buddy. Unfortunately politics brings out the worst in some."

Kramer, a conservative, has not explicitly backed Republican candidate Donald Trump but he attended a party debate last year (15) and has retweeted messages of support for Trump and those critical of Obama's healthcare law, commonly known as ObamaCare.