Joey Fatone has reached out to his former 'N Sync bandmate Jc Chasez after learning the singer's house was burgled twice in a week earlier this month (Nov10).
The star called cops to his Los Angeles address at the beginning of the month (Nov10) after thieves ransacked the property, taking thousands of dollars of expensive recording equipment.
Chasez was targeted once again last week (10Nov10) when he confronted an intruder in his home during an attempted theft.
The suspect fled before police officers arrived and the star was left shaken up.
Fatone was stunned to learn about Chasez's misfortune - but is just thankful his pal was not harmed during the incidents.
He tells E! Online, "I haven't talked to him. I wanted to give him a call because I heard about that, people coming into his house and trying to break in and gave him a scare. I'm trying to see what's going on as well.
"I haven't got hold of him yet but I'll find out... I heard everything is all right and thank God nothing happened to him."