'N SYNC star Joey Fatone is to showcase his sense of humour on a new comedy album.

Bandmate Lance Bass revealed the pop star is going to parody a handful of current pop songs "just like Weird Al Yankovic" on a new album at a General Motors' pre-OSCAR party earlier this week (ends21MAR03).

He said, "I know Joey's going to do a comedy album, which is going to be pretty funny. You'll hear some JUSTIN (TIMBERLAKE) songs on there and all kinds of stuff.

"I'm pretty sure CRY ME A RIVER will become something about a liver. He'll have fun with it."

Meanwhile, with 'N SYNC still on hiatus, CHRIS KIRKPATRICK has just signed on to manage Dallas, Texas, band OHNO, according to a Jive Records spokesperson, while Jc Chasez is finishing his solo album.

Meanwhile, Timberlake is gearing up for the JUSTIFIED + STRIPPED summer (03) tour with Christina Aguilera.

The solo efforts are expected to wind down in September (03), when the group will return to the studio.

Bass adds, We've started writing again. JC and Justin have been writing a lot and they are going to have stuff that didn't make their albums that's more 'NSYNC-style."