NIP/TUCK beauty Joely Richardson formed a close relationship with her onscreen husband Dylan Walsh to ensure their steamy sex scenes would be a comfortable experience for her.

Richardson would have struggled to act out a series of intimate encounters with Walsh in the plastic surgery drama if she hadn't set about building a friendship with him first.

She says, "I couldn't have done all those scenes without feeling close to Dylan. Although we didn't chat much off-set, we lived a whole life as a married couple on-set.

"Occasionally we'd get to a scene where I'd say, 'Oh my God, we have to do that?' and he'd say, 'Yeah, but remember when we did that? So what's the problem?'

"Like a shower scene we did together - we had to leave our egos, clothes and everything aside and do our job. We ended up having a real laugh."

09/02/2005 21:36