Actress Joely Richardson has spoken of the hell she has been through mourning her sister NATASHA's death - comparing her grief to an exploding "bomb".
Natasha Richardson passed away in March 2009 after suffering a traumatic brain injury in a skiing accident in Canada, and the tragedy left her younger sister and their family devastated.
The Redgrave acting dynasty was rocked again this year (10) after the deaths of Richardson's aunt Lynn Redgrave and uncle Corin Redgrave - the siblings of the Nip/Tuck star's mother Vanessa.
And Richardson admits she has struggled to mourn their passing - insisting her pain has been "violent".
She tells Red magazine, "I felt as if someone had exploded a bomb inside me. This idea of grief is gentle... it's not like that, it's really violent. It's like a dinosaur has got your head in its mouth and is shaking you."