Joely Richardson was "horrified" by her mother Vanessa Redgrave's steamy sex scene with her NIP/TUCK co-star JULIAN McMAHON - because she wandered around the set naked in between takes.

The 39-year-old British actress was left red-faced by her exhibitionist mum's nude antics in the presence of her co-stars and makers of the American TV show, on which Redgrave was guest-starring as a highly-sexual psychologist who wants plastic surgery to attract younger men.

Producer RYAN MURPHY says, "Vanessa had a sex scene with co-star Julian McMahon and kept wanting to film it over and over again.

"Joely was horrified. When the cameras stopped rolling, Vanessa was still nude on the set in front of the crew.

"Joely came rushing over and yelled, 'Cover yourself up.'"

30/01/2005 21:29