Movie mogul Joel Silver has denied his new film V For Vendetta was altered following the 7 July (05) London bombings, insisting filming had wrapped before the attacks. The controversial film - which features a scene where terrorists blow up the Houses Of Parliament - has been blasted by some for exploiting the underground atrocities which killed 56 people. But Silver is adamant the tragedy had no effect on the movie, based on a comic strip. He says, "We'd finished shooting the film by then. The film is the film. These horrible events happened, but we had to go with the material we had. "It didn't affect the film on the cutting room floor." The producer has also rubbished reports that the release date for the political thriller was pushed back from its politically sensitive 5 November (05) launch to yesterday (08MAR06) in light of the bombings. 5 November, known as Guy Fawkes night in England, commemorates the foiled attempt to blow up Parliament in 1605.