Anti-drugs campaigners in Australia have urged Joel Madden to step down from his role on Tv talent show The Voice after police found marijuana in his Sydney hotel room.

The rocker hit headlines Down Under this week (beg10Jun13) after cops found a bag of cannabis amongst his belongings, and Madden subsequently thanked them for not filing charges against him.

However, anti-drugs activists are concerned about Madden's role as a mentor on the Australian version of the Tv talent show, and they are calling for him to quit.

Jo Baxter, executive officer of Drug Free Australia, tells the Herald Sun newspaper, "A mere apology from Joel is insufficient. He needs to step down from the role (on The Voice) and young people need to see accountability for his illegal and unhealthy behaviour. Channel 9 (the network behind the show) needs to take the initiative on this, as it is a family-oriented show, with many young followers. Joel's role on The Voice as coach has turned him into a figure of great influence who is admired by thousands of young people. He needs to be held accountable.''

Drug education specialist Paul Dillon tells, "We have to teach children there are consequences when you break the law. In Joel Madden's case there were. He was thrown out of his hotel room and issued with a police warning. It's important he knows he has caused a problem for parents."

After the incident, Madden apologised to fans of the show in an interview with Australia's Nine News, saying, "That's never the reason I want to be on the front page of any news. But I take full responsibility... I'm looking forward to working hard and getting to The Voice finally and finishing what I started... I just want to apologise to anyone I've let down. It was never my intention ever to disappoint people."

The second season of The Voice concludes in Australia next week (beg17Jun13).