The Australian star landed a small role in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and the film became a family affair when his stuntman sibling was hired as Ewan McGregor's body double.

Edgerton thought he had it made - he was living with pal Heath Ledger and living out his dream of appearing in a Star Wars movie thanks to a tape of his performance in a stage version of Shakespeare's Henry V he sent to George Lucas.

"I was 26 and just finishing Henry V on stage in Australia and I put down one of the speeches on tape for Star Wars," he recalls. "I was a massive fan. When I was a kid I had built myself a light saber. I came to America because George Lucas gave me the job of playing Uncle Owen for five minutes in Star Wars.

"I have five minutes in the movie but he's gonna take 18 months to put it together and during that time nobody knows that I'm only in the movie for five minutes."

But the dream went south one day when the Edgerton brothers' mother visited the set.

"My brother, who was a very popular stunt guy at the time in Australia, doubled for Ewan MCGregor and did all the Jango Fett fights," Joel adds. "I was on the set at the time with my mother, who was very bereft about my brother being a stunt guy, literally holding onto her neck while my brother was on top of Jango Fett's shoulders doing this fight in the rain.

"He did this wrestling move and the guy bent his knees a little bit too far and my brother's head hit the floor and he cracked all this front teeth! He had to go to hospital and get his neck checked out."