Joel Edgerton is "nervous" about being seen in 3-D in 'The Great Gatsby'.

The 37-year-old actor - who is taking on the part of Tom Buchanan in the highly-anticipated Baz Luhrmann-directed adaptation - thinks the reasons why it is being shot in 3-D have been well thought out, but is worried about the audience seeing him up-close and personal.

He said: "I know that Baz is someone that doesn't make choices flippantly. His reasoning and his thoughts and feelings behind bringing the world of 'Gatsby' into 3-D is very interesting and I think it's very well thought through. I think it's going to be fascinating.

"He's got a definite clear vision. When you get behind a guy like Baz, he's someone that you're happy to march along with. I'm excited, but I'm nervous for all the people out there who are going to have to look at my face in 3-D."

Joel - who stars alongside Leonardo Dicaprio and Carey Mulligan in the project - adds the new film will not be a radical departure from the original F. Scott Fitzgerald story because it doesn't need to be "reinvented".

He told "I think when you're dealing with a book like 'Gatsby', it's so iconic and it's great because of what it is, so I don't think you need to re-invent it. You just find the inspiration within each page and bring it to life, as best you can.

"It's not 'Gatsby' in space, or 'Gatsby' re-invented. It will have its own edge and world that's envisaged through Baz's eyes."